The reality of being a parent

I have become a servant to my child. She knows just how to make me rush to her side. I have found her playing tricks on me and the most outrageous part is when she laughs after the fact.

My daughter is a character, and at only 5 months, she has a boat load of expressions and moods. She is picky, stubborn, active, nosey, adorable, silly, strong and feisty. All and all I love her to pieces. If only I could understand her babbling or what she was thinking.

What I have just realized is that my daughter’s future is determined by my decisions and my actions. I have to think, not once or twice, but a trillion times about my next move. Every thing was alot simpler before “ladybug”. I didn’t have to think. I just did. You could call me and say “Taressa… wanna…” and I was down. Always ready to dash, blow money, and party.

Turning my “club money” into “diaper/milk/bib/oneies/wipes money”  was not in the plans for another 3 years. Life happens and love can make you do crazy things but the reality of being a parent is knowing that your child sees the world through you and everything you do. Lead by example and don’t just preach.

My daughter is the one thing I can say I love with my every being and my every breath. She has inspired me to start my own business, to continue my education, and to be the best mother she could ever wish for. Her approval is the only one that matters.


How do your children inspire you?


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