My life with Harmony

Don’t get me wrong, I love being with my daughter but it is alot harder to get things done as quickly or as efficiently as before. Harmony requires all of me when she’s awake. She wants to play, eat, talk, read and most importantly sleep.

I try to get as much as I can get done while she is sleep. Now a days she’s introducing me to her cat naps so my time hasn’t been spent as productive as I’d hoped for.

People say “drop her off over here or put her in childcare”. On occasion I will ask a family member to watch her a few while I get some work done but I’m thinking about Harmony constantly. Checking my rear view mirror hoping to see her in her car seat or talking to myself because I’m so used to hearing her babbling.


I refuse to send Harmony to childcare unless it’s a center I work at or she can talk. I worked in childcare while I was pregnant and have seen first hand how someone will treat a child that is not theirs. To avoid a murder case I’d prefer my daughter be with me and those who love her until she can speak for herself.

That means sacrificing my freedom more often than not but for the only girl that has made me fall head or heels for her, I’ll suck it up.

Like a wise lady told me once “Don’t be afraid of how much you will love your child” because sometimes it is scary. My world revolves Harmony and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I still haven’t quite got the hang of managing my time, even in  college I sucked in that area. I already have to get myself washed up and dressed which can take up to 3 hours if I gotta do my hair and it’s another hour task getting Harmony washed, dressed and diaper bag ready.


No more 5 minute showers, throw some clothes on and pull that hair in a ponytail. I’m a working mother and business lady so I must dress the part if I wanna be taken seriously.

My life is changing so fast and so far it has been an amazing adventure. I look forward to the rest of my life as Mother in Chief…

How long before you allowed your lil ones to leave the nest?


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