The newlywed phase

My baby’s father and I have been bombarded with the same two questions: When are we getting married and when are we having another baby.


Whoa buddy! I just popped a baby out 6 months ago. We’re still in the newlywed phase with Harmony. Can I have some time to heal? Can I have some time to enjoy my baby? Getting married is a big step just as well as having a baby. From the looks of things, raising a child is easier lol but they’re pretty similar. Having a husband is just like having a big kid. You cook you clean and you care for them.

In a roundabout way Harmony was planned. I had some worries, but any doubt I had before Harmony was born left when I held her in my arms. Since day 1 I can say I have not felt out of place when caring for Harmony. It’s like I was made for this, to be a mom that is. And just like child birth and motherhood were scary thoughts, marriage is no different.

I know I would make an excellent wife but am I ready for a husband, is the question. What is the difference between a boyfriend and a husband? And if there is no different then why propose marriage?

In today’s society it seems as if the boyfriend and girlfriend relationships mock traditional marriage. As a mother I have to give up part of my freedom , I have to be quicker on my toes, keep my ears open as well as my eyes, present myself as the role model I would like for my daughter, cook, clean bathe and etc. As a wife what do I have to give up? And when I say that I mean what do I have to give up that I have not already given up? I know that marriage is not about what you get or what you give up. It’s about a love between 2 people. so why can’t everyone see it that way? So many people are stuck in the traditional ways that they can’t see that we’ve turned a new leaf.

It’s no longer a shock to have kids before marriage. An article written this year reiterates that. I love my baby’s father and have plans of making him an honest man, just be patient. We may surprise you 😉


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