Know your role

For class I had to write an essay about sexism in today’s world. You don’t realize  how oppressed you are until you write a paper lol.

Alongside racism and classism, sexism strips our equal rights to choose for ourselves and make decent wages. However, one difference between the three is that sexism is mainly learned in the home. (  which I learned from the book feminism margin to center by bell hooks)

How your parents act and treat you are our first lessons in life. Even in a home where there is no male figure, there is still sexism being taught.

As a child I grew up around strong single mothers. My father was around but in and out. I would see the ladies in my family cooking, cleaning, paying bills and struggling to make ends meet. Any responsibilities that laid with the fathers revolved around money or spending quality time with their children. I never heard them talk about having the dads come over to clean up, cook, help with homework etc. As a child, it was my understanding that men serve the purpose of providing while women were mainly responsible for the household and the children. My mother did work but somehow the math never seem to add up and with little to no help from the fathers of her children I can understand why she seeked financial support.

Let me remind you I’m giving examples from my life. Things I may have seen heard or read. Everybody’s situation is different but at the end it’s similar.

At a young age I was allowed to walk to and from the bus stop, the store, and ride my bike around the neighborhood. I can recall 1 day I allowed my brother to ride his bike to the corner store. I believe he was about 10. I didn’t think nothing of it. I’ve been allowed to go on my own (certain places) since I was in first grade. My mom cussed me out. I can recall for the longest he wasn’t allowed to spend the night over other kids houses. I was not that sheltered.

As a kid I was EXPECTED to bring home good grades and clean my room. If I didn’t I was put on punishment or something of importances was taken away from me. I remember getting a D and being grounded untilthe next grade card.
Aside from getting bad grades, the I idea of me having sex and possibly becoming pregnant would have been the biggest upset.
My brother, on the other hand, is getting away with murder coming home with Ds and Fs!!! But still able to go to homecoming or whatever else he pleases. Smoking and God knows what else.
I ain’t going to get too personal cuz it goes further but you get my drift.

I understand this generation is a different  generation and they need special attention however my experiences tell me that man are to be treated as precious and number 1, no matter the generation. It seems that the men I’ve witnessed in my life take center stage and everything else falls behind.

Where did you learn about sexism?


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