Stand Up and Vote

It surprises me how many people are still voting for Mitt (aka Flip Flopper, aka Rob you blind, Tell u lies u can easily look up) Romney. Clearly they don’t read/watch the news or do any type of research. There are 23 million without jobs but how many are looking for them consistently. Fuck outta here with that. I’m 23 with a degree and have 2 jobs. I can lend someone one lol. Even when I was a teenager I held multiple jobs. It’s not about there being no jobs. Is about people being lazy and not looking for work like they NEED a job. If you go fill out 20 applications turn in all 20 and never follow up on them, whose fault is that? People grow up and stop blaming other people for your problems. The president is not God he’s only the President of the United States. he may have a little more say so then you and I, but in the end he relies on on a group of people to help him run this country. So if you wanna point the finger at Barack Obama then you need to blame all of Congress too. ( who will happen to still be in office no matter which President is elected) JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT

I mean, if you look at all the things Barack Obama has done these 4 years of presidency and you take away the fact that he’s a BLACK MAN in the WHITE OFFICE I’m sure plenty more would say we have a great president. Everybody is so focus on what he has not done that they don’t realize what he has done and how it has helped them weather it’s on a large or small scale. I love my president I love everything he stands for. Yes he’s a politician and yes politicians do lie but Barack Obama has the American peoples back.

He’s been through the struggle just like many of us have. He’s been out there talking to people. He knows what America wants and what America needs. As the president of the United States I think Obama is doing a great job and if anybody out there can do a better job than I suggest you run. ( I didn’t think so) Until you have set foot in that oval office and you’ve made those types of decisions Obama has made I don’t think you have shit to say.

I am getting a little frustrated because as I view each candidates positions it just doesn’t make sense to me how people in the year 2012 can vote for someone who is so outrageous.
Eliminating PBS. PBS? I grew up on PBS  and I would expect my daughter to grow up on PBS. Romney said PBS can survive on its own and that I do believe however PBS is a government funded program which implies that there are some restrictions to what can be said or seen on this channel. Unlike a lot of other children’s cartoon channels, PBS offers educational materials that’s good for all ages.

Romney wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood. I know many of women who go to Planned Parenthood. Many of women who have good jobs but still need to go to Planned Parenthood because insurance is so high they can’t afford it and Planned Parenthood offers them assistant, offer them services that they can afford. I am personally pro life but at the same time I’m pro choice for the women around me. Who am I to impose my beliefs on someone else and suggested that they can’t make decisions about their own body.

So the kids lose their educational cartoons, women lose their healthcare safety net,  And what do men lose?

1 minute he says he has a plan that may increase taxes a little then another day he said his plan won’t increase taxes at all. Statistics show they do increase taxes. Everything increases taxes. With Obama in office some taxes were increased, But the tax hike Romney is proposing is ridiculous. And if your voting for Romney and you’re not makin I’m 100-200 thousand a year, I suggest you  reevaluate.

I’m not telling anybody who to vote for. Everybody has a say so. everybody has the right to their vote. All I’m saying is do some research. Do not go off of what your friends are saying, what your mama say or what your dad is doing. Really look at all the canidates because there is more than 2. Look at all the canidates across the board and figure out which 1 is hiting home for you. Making decisions that are best for you and your household.


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