What lies to tell Harmony

There are so many lies that we tell our children. Some are for their safety and some are for personal reasons. The thing I did not want to lie to my daughter about was Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy.

After careful thought I have decided to still live the traditions but inform my daughter about the history. I will have to stretch the truth a little because I don’t want her to be 1 of those kids in school telling everyone that Santa is not real.

So how will I accomplish this?

I will tell my daughter about the story of Saint Nick and then I will say that Santa is getting older, the population of kids is growing and Santa can’t possibly make it to all the kids home in 1 night anymore. I will then go on to explain that Santa has asked me and her father to help him out when Christmas time comes around. I will still have her write a letter to Santa. I will still have her make a list for Christmas and I will still take her to go see Santa at the mall ( explaining that those are also Santa’s helpers because he can’t be at every mall at the same time). It will be her understanding that Santa will still hear her cry and provide presents, however mom or dad has to go retrieve those presents to sit them under the tree.

Or I will suggest at a very early age how awesome it would be if her dad was Santa and eventually spring it on her that he’s taking over Santa’s job for the our household.

This will be her first Christmas so she doesn’t quite understand yet, but next year I have to be ready. I want to explain to her the biblical importance first and then will add Santa into the equation.


As for the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy goes, I’m pretty sure I’ll spill the beans on those. Easter Bunny that lays eggs? What bunny do you know lays eggs? We’ll still celebrate Easter and the join in the egg hunts but I will teach her the Biblical importance. The Tooth Fairy is out because I’m not getting caught sneaking into harmony’s room to take her tooth. I will give her the option of either keeping her tooth or taking the cash from me.


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