Pink Attack

Just yesterday I took Harmony to get some walking shoes from Stride Rite. When I looked at the girl section I was over powered by all the pink and purple shoes. I know that pink and purple are supposed to be “girl colors” but come on, they couldn’t think of any other colors to put in a girls shoe? When you look at the boys section, of course there’s no pink and purple but they have every other color. It frustrates me that when I’m looking for something neutral. My choices go waaay down.

In society, we create these labels. We create these stereotypes. We create these images of what someone is supposed to be like…look like …sound like… dress like?


I picked out 2 shoes from the boys side of the store at Stride Rite. Ask the sales woman to return to the back to bring me a size 2 she did just that. However the shoes didn’t fit Harmony’s foot so we asked for a bigger size. By this time, the sales woman now realizes that Harmony is a girl. She returns with 3 boxes of shoes, that are of similar style to the shoes that I picked out the first time, however the shoes have pink and glitter all over them now. I  immediately shake my head and say no.  the lady looks confused and I would also say baffled. I sent her back to get me neutral shoes.


I know Harmony is a girl and anybody who is of importance knows that she’s a girl,so she doesn’t have to wear pink and purple to declare that. I put my daughter in blue. I put my daughter in red. Orange, yellow, green. I’m not going to isolate her to just 1 color. Who’s to say what her favorite color might be. Maybe its red. Same goes for a boy. I would not isolate my boy to any color. Who’s to say his favorite color isnt pink or purple.

One time someone told me that by dressing my daughter in “boy clothes” I’m subjecting her to be gay. I just laughed in her face. If Harmony is gay then there is no way I can correct that. I will allow my child to be herself and if that means she’d rather wear pink and purple then im all for it. Exposing her to the experience aides in her decision making abilities, which in the long run will be beneficial to me because Ill be confident that Harmony is capable of making decisions. Good decisions.

Do you ever feel like people place your children in categories?


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