Mover N Shaker

My daughter is making moves… all over the place. She’s been trying to walk since she was 7 months. But its finally coming to a reality. She just needs to work on her balance and she’ll be on her way.

Im excited and afraid at the same time. It was so peaceful when she was fresh out the womb. I knew what she was doing and when she was doing it because she wasn’t going anywhere.  The things she gets into and she’s only crawling. .. I can’t imagine keeping up with “Walking Harmony”.

Althrough im afraid, I try not to let Harmony know. I always jump when she falls because I don’t want her to hurt herself but at the same time I have to let her learn.  She won’t build  confidence in herself if im always guiding or leading her. Don’t get me wrong… I do spot her… but I try to let her balance and take steps on her own.

This journey has been a long one and the best has yet to come. I give it til the end of the month “Harmony will be walking”.
Im speaking that into existence.

When did your little ones start walking?


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