This little girl certainly dreams big!

This little girl certainly dreams big!

I LOVE IT! Had to lead with that because that’s how awesome I think this book is. The book tells a story of young ambition little girl who, through out her entire day, imagines herself as a historic woman figure. It has brilliant illustrations and capturing scenes.

The most important thing in this book is how the mother reacts to her daughter’s large imagination. As parents, we are our children’s first teacher and they trust us the most. We trust us to provide a loving home that is full of adventure. Children learn by venturing out, they learn through play, and most importantly they learn through reading. How many times have you cuddled up with a good book and somehow got wrapped up in a whole other world. Our imagination is supposed to be explored and by exploring we also expand it.

I recommend this to all educators and parents alike. I’m sure you’ll love it and your child will too. I’ve added the link to Barnes & Noble for you eager to get your hands on this book. The e-book is only 2 bucks!


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