One of my biggest weakness is taking on more than I can handle. I can never just focus on one project.  Ill have 1000 things going on but still manage to add just one more. It’s like a disease I can’t shake. 

As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m also thinking about what activity to get into once Harmony finishes her fish sticks, my book exchange and the campaign,  the dinner fundraiser for my dad, cleaning my room, buying new clothes and giving my dog a bath. Not to mention the other handful of things I have on my plate.

On top of “scatteredbrainitist” my time management skills are off. I seem to lag around and drag my feet, lacking the motivation to liven up. I do much better when I know someone is relying on me.
I hate when someone is supposed to do something and they never follow through,  so I try my best to keep my word and respect everybody’s time. When I’m doing something for myself ill push it back or ignore it until I can’t, because I’ve hit the deadline and now have to play catch up. Procrastion at it’s best.

Another flaw I’ve come to terms with the fact that nothing about me is simple. I’m undecisive, over the top, and demanding. These traits come to haunt me in everything I do. From choosing a major in college to my birth plan. The first plan is never enough and I find excuses to add something here and something there. In fact,  most of the time, my plan could have been executed using the initial idea and may have been the best choice for success and satisfaction.

Currently I’m working on me and hope to see progress within this year. I believe a few changes in my lifestyle are necessary. After doing some research (I love research) I’ve determined that I must start my day of positive in order to build that mind set for the remainder of the day. Morning workouts are supposed to energize you and a shower afterwards will spring you into your productive day. Breakfast  also plays a huge part in your morning routine and regulates your feeding schedule for the day.  Motivational quotes/says have the power to trigger that inner go getter so I plan to load my work area with tons of them. 

Share your tips on how to keep sane!


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