Christmas In July Book Drive (Columbus Ohio)

I’m super excited about hosting my first Christmas in July book drive tomorrow. I love the fact that so many people are congratulating me and trying to get involved in this movement. Our children need that strong support and we, as their parents, teachers, coaches, pastors,what have you, should apply that support.

I have no clue how many kids I will service for Christmas in July but my goal has been to raise 700 books. Whether or not 700 kids show up is not my concern the 700 is just a cushion to make sure I have enough books to supply all the children that will come, as well as take some home to continue doing what I’ve been doing and to boost the book exchange.

The rate at which children are entering school without the necessary reading skills is heartbreaking.

I know that the children that I am helping don’t have the easiest life and their parents don’t have the most money. Sometimes buying books for the family is not a priority when you’re worried about what you and your kids will eat that night or how your bills will get paid tomorrow.
As an avid reader as well as a new mom , it speaks to me to take on this cause. If I could get just one book in the hands of a child who has no books that’s all I could ever ask for. Books bring so much joy to children and if we can ignite that passion at an early stage of childhood, it will be a lot easier to keep them reading, keep them engaged, get them on track for school and get them on track with your communication skills. I’m not only bringing joy to kids I’m bringing them educational material,  opening up their imagination, expanding their vocabulary, and introducing them to critical thinking skills.

If this book driving and book swap proves to be successful,I plan to host many more just like it.


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