Something Fun!

What is a blog hop?.. Exactly the question I had when I came across a Facebook post pleading for participants. I love to write… I have a blog… so why not give it a go?

I think it’s a pretty neat idea and I’m excited to be a part of it. I got my start from Debbie LaCroix, a children’s book author. Although I was offered this opportunity a month ago, I’m just now getting to it. Any who, the hop requires that answer 3 simple questions, at the end of the blog, tag three more writers who are willing to participate and link their names to their websites.

So… here I go

Question 1)
What are you working on?
As many of you know I have a hand in a lot of things but currently I am working on getting my book exchange off the ground. I hope to collect hundreds of books in order to distribute to less fortunate children. As well, I’m working on series of children’s book. I have always loved to read. Now, with me being a mom, I want to pass that passion along to my daughter. I hope the books I create will inspire and educate children all around the world.

Question 2)
How does your writing process work?
I wouldn’t call it “writing process”. I prefer “creative process”. Within my creative process there is room for error and improvement. Usually I start out with a few ideas that have swarming in my brain for days, weeks, sometimes even months. I jot down my ideas and start branching off those ideas. Ideas can come at all hours of the day or night so I make sure to keep a pen and paper near. If I have no paper or pen available, I’ll record my thoughts using my phone.
When I get in a rut, I like to turn my computer on and just start writing any and everything that comes to mind. At the end, I’ll go back and “keep or delete” whole sentences or paragraphs.
The only issue I have with my “creative process” is that my mind is constantly changing and my original idea may not be anything close to my final product. That can be a good or bad thing.

Question 3)
Who are the authors you most admire?
I love V.C. Andrews. I grew up reading all her books. I loved the mystery and the unpredictable characters. Children book authors also have my admiration because it takes an incredible person to create a story that is intriguing, educational and appropriate for children. In the world of reading, you can be whoever and where ever and for a child that is everything. Their imagination craves new adventures.

Now, I need 3 other writers/bloggers to participate.
Join the blog hop by emailing me at


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