First Name Basis?

1 year 9 months

Dear Harmony,

Recently, you’ve learned that my real name is nothing close to mommy. Several times a day you call for my assistance referring to me as mom, mommy, baby, as well as Taressa. It automatically causes me to stop what I’m doing and direct all my attention on you, at the exact moment that you call my government. I instantly get upset. At the same time, I find it hilarious and it makes me proud. Of course, I figured at some age you’d learn my real name wasn’t “mommy”. Even with your 2nd birthday being right around the corner, the idea of you using my name feels so formal and very grown up.

Although I find it quite normal for a child to mimic what they see and hear, sometimes it can be frustrating to me, as a parent. I find myself correcting you and asking your father to help by refraining from calling me Taressa. I know this is the number one cause for your new discovery.  You’re constantly hearing your needy father holler my name and that can be confusing, especially when I’m answering to it.

After some online research and talking to other mothers who have gone through this phase, I have decided that you calling me by my first name isn’t so bad. I would really like for you to stop, but in due time I know you will figure out which word is more appropriate. At the current time, I’m confident that you know that mommy and Taressa is the same person and that I am YOUR mommy.

I will not pressure you into calling me mom by telling you it’s a privilege; Only a select few will have the opportunity to call me mom. That is true, but what if I decide to have a boatload of children. I’m talking 25-30 kids… not so much of a privilege anymore, right?

I will not pressure you into calling me mommy in hopes that you will forget my real name. What if for some strange reason you need to identify me and all you know to say is “mommy”. Do you know how many mommies are out there in this world?

I will not pressure you into calling me “ma-ma” when your father and I call you by several different names. Ladybug, hurricane and stinky booty are just a few of the many alias we have chosen for you. You don’t discriminate in terms of which name you respond to and we never asked you which you preferred. You answer to all and never put up a fuss, so maybe I should take a lesson from you and relax. Breath.



What do you prefer your children call you?


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