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After a long day, sleep is our best friend.


First Name Basis?

1 year 9 months

Dear Harmony,

Recently, you’ve learned that my real name is nothing close to mommy. Several times a day you call for my assistance referring to me as mom, mommy, baby, as well as Taressa. It automatically causes me to stop what I’m doing and direct all my attention on you, at the exact moment that you call my government. I instantly get upset. At the same time, I find it hilarious and it makes me proud. Of course, I figured at some age you’d learn my real name wasn’t “mommy”. Even with your 2nd birthday being right around the corner, the idea of you using my name feels so formal and very grown up.

Although I find it quite normal for a child to mimic what they see and hear, sometimes it can be frustrating to me, as a parent. I find myself correcting you and asking your father to help by refraining from calling me Taressa. I know this is the number one cause for your new discovery.  You’re constantly hearing your needy father holler my name and that can be confusing, especially when I’m answering to it.

After some online research and talking to other mothers who have gone through this phase, I have decided that you calling me by my first name isn’t so bad. I would really like for you to stop, but in due time I know you will figure out which word is more appropriate. At the current time, I’m confident that you know that mommy and Taressa is the same person and that I am YOUR mommy.

I will not pressure you into calling me mom by telling you it’s a privilege; Only a select few will have the opportunity to call me mom. That is true, but what if I decide to have a boatload of children. I’m talking 25-30 kids… not so much of a privilege anymore, right?

I will not pressure you into calling me mommy in hopes that you will forget my real name. What if for some strange reason you need to identify me and all you know to say is “mommy”. Do you know how many mommies are out there in this world?

I will not pressure you into calling me “ma-ma” when your father and I call you by several different names. Ladybug, hurricane and stinky booty are just a few of the many alias we have chosen for you. You don’t discriminate in terms of which name you respond to and we never asked you which you preferred. You answer to all and never put up a fuss, so maybe I should take a lesson from you and relax. Breath.



What do you prefer your children call you?

Something Fun!

What is a blog hop?.. Exactly the question I had when I came across a Facebook post pleading for participants. I love to write… I have a blog… so why not give it a go?

I think it’s a pretty neat idea and I’m excited to be a part of it. I got my start from Debbie LaCroix, a children’s book author. Although I was offered this opportunity a month ago, I’m just now getting to it. Any who, the hop requires that answer 3 simple questions, at the end of the blog, tag three more writers who are willing to participate and link their names to their websites.

So… here I go

Question 1)
What are you working on?
As many of you know I have a hand in a lot of things but currently I am working on getting my book exchange off the ground. I hope to collect hundreds of books in order to distribute to less fortunate children. As well, I’m working on series of children’s book. I have always loved to read. Now, with me being a mom, I want to pass that passion along to my daughter. I hope the books I create will inspire and educate children all around the world.

Question 2)
How does your writing process work?
I wouldn’t call it “writing process”. I prefer “creative process”. Within my creative process there is room for error and improvement. Usually I start out with a few ideas that have swarming in my brain for days, weeks, sometimes even months. I jot down my ideas and start branching off those ideas. Ideas can come at all hours of the day or night so I make sure to keep a pen and paper near. If I have no paper or pen available, I’ll record my thoughts using my phone.
When I get in a rut, I like to turn my computer on and just start writing any and everything that comes to mind. At the end, I’ll go back and “keep or delete” whole sentences or paragraphs.
The only issue I have with my “creative process” is that my mind is constantly changing and my original idea may not be anything close to my final product. That can be a good or bad thing.

Question 3)
Who are the authors you most admire?
I love V.C. Andrews. I grew up reading all her books. I loved the mystery and the unpredictable characters. Children book authors also have my admiration because it takes an incredible person to create a story that is intriguing, educational and appropriate for children. In the world of reading, you can be whoever and where ever and for a child that is everything. Their imagination craves new adventures.

Now, I need 3 other writers/bloggers to participate.
Join the blog hop by emailing me at

Christmas In July Book Drive (Columbus Ohio)

I’m super excited about hosting my first Christmas in July book drive tomorrow. I love the fact that so many people are congratulating me and trying to get involved in this movement. Our children need that strong support and we, as their parents, teachers, coaches, pastors,what have you, should apply that support.

I have no clue how many kids I will service for Christmas in July but my goal has been to raise 700 books. Whether or not 700 kids show up is not my concern the 700 is just a cushion to make sure I have enough books to supply all the children that will come, as well as take some home to continue doing what I’ve been doing and to boost the book exchange.

The rate at which children are entering school without the necessary reading skills is heartbreaking.

I know that the children that I am helping don’t have the easiest life and their parents don’t have the most money. Sometimes buying books for the family is not a priority when you’re worried about what you and your kids will eat that night or how your bills will get paid tomorrow.
As an avid reader as well as a new mom , it speaks to me to take on this cause. If I could get just one book in the hands of a child who has no books that’s all I could ever ask for. Books bring so much joy to children and if we can ignite that passion at an early stage of childhood, it will be a lot easier to keep them reading, keep them engaged, get them on track for school and get them on track with your communication skills. I’m not only bringing joy to kids I’m bringing them educational material,  opening up their imagination, expanding their vocabulary, and introducing them to critical thinking skills.

If this book driving and book swap proves to be successful,I plan to host many more just like it.

Ignite a passion for reading

A large percentage of students haven’t had enough positive experiences with literature in school to foster a desire to spend any time with books.  Many don’t describe themselves as readers at all, let alone consider themselves readers for life.  We have failed to convince them that they are readers. – Steven Layne


One of my biggest weakness is taking on more than I can handle. I can never just focus on one project.  Ill have 1000 things going on but still manage to add just one more. It’s like a disease I can’t shake. 

As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m also thinking about what activity to get into once Harmony finishes her fish sticks, my book exchange and the campaign,  the dinner fundraiser for my dad, cleaning my room, buying new clothes and giving my dog a bath. Not to mention the other handful of things I have on my plate.

On top of “scatteredbrainitist” my time management skills are off. I seem to lag around and drag my feet, lacking the motivation to liven up. I do much better when I know someone is relying on me.
I hate when someone is supposed to do something and they never follow through,  so I try my best to keep my word and respect everybody’s time. When I’m doing something for myself ill push it back or ignore it until I can’t, because I’ve hit the deadline and now have to play catch up. Procrastion at it’s best.

Another flaw I’ve come to terms with the fact that nothing about me is simple. I’m undecisive, over the top, and demanding. These traits come to haunt me in everything I do. From choosing a major in college to my birth plan. The first plan is never enough and I find excuses to add something here and something there. In fact,  most of the time, my plan could have been executed using the initial idea and may have been the best choice for success and satisfaction.

Currently I’m working on me and hope to see progress within this year. I believe a few changes in my lifestyle are necessary. After doing some research (I love research) I’ve determined that I must start my day of positive in order to build that mind set for the remainder of the day. Morning workouts are supposed to energize you and a shower afterwards will spring you into your productive day. Breakfast  also plays a huge part in your morning routine and regulates your feeding schedule for the day.  Motivational quotes/says have the power to trigger that inner go getter so I plan to load my work area with tons of them. 

Share your tips on how to keep sane!

This little girl certainly dreams big!

This little girl certainly dreams big!

I LOVE IT! Had to lead with that because that’s how awesome I think this book is. The book tells a story of young ambition little girl who, through out her entire day, imagines herself as a historic woman figure. It has brilliant illustrations and capturing scenes.

The most important thing in this book is how the mother reacts to her daughter’s large imagination. As parents, we are our children’s first teacher and they trust us the most. We trust us to provide a loving home that is full of adventure. Children learn by venturing out, they learn through play, and most importantly they learn through reading. How many times have you cuddled up with a good book and somehow got wrapped up in a whole other world. Our imagination is supposed to be explored and by exploring we also expand it.

I recommend this to all educators and parents alike. I’m sure you’ll love it and your child will too. I’ve added the link to Barnes & Noble for you eager to get your hands on this book. The e-book is only 2 bucks!